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Web Hosting

This service is a hosting service helps keep businesses online by providing a web storage facility. It is a Cloud service which is one of the latest technologies in the world today and we presently have and can provide you with the most effective cloud storage system in the world… See More

Websites, Web & Mobile Applications

This service is focused on the design and development of Web Application, Mobile Applications and beautiful website that are completely SEO-friendly… See More

Personalised Software Solution

The personalised software solution from Yortech feeds on specific challenges you may be facing which requires a software solution. This service presently arrays an ERP software and School-IMS… See More

Electronic Payment Gateway

This is a specialized payment system that is integrated with your business website, it is a solution to receiving payment from all around the world with ease… See More

Digital Marketing

This is a special service for online marketing and advertisements, this service will help you advertise and market your product and services with locations specific and is also designed to give you maximum result guaranteed… See More

Commercial Websites & Online Shops

This service solely handles the design and development of Online shops and any commercial website. It is designed to help businesses own and run online marketplace or shops that will ultimately increase sales making provision for ultimate exposure of goods and services… See More

Social Media Plans and Pricing 


YorConsult is a FULL consultation service provided by YorTech to help you develop your business from the beginning to profitability. This is a full campaign that will get your business started on the web. We guarantee you results within the first months of running our specialized program. YorConsult is here to serve you.
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Yortech team comprises of professionals from several countries in Africa; the technical knowledge carries about 2 decades in experience in the field of Information Technology. The sole purpose of the company is to provide quality and genuine service to both companies and individuals around the world while adding true value to see their business thrive.

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At YorTech, We pride ourselves at taking up new challenges and provide the best possible solution which will always be second to none. We have a tradition “do it until it is excellent”

A good idea that doesn’t consider execution time could be a failure even though the idea is a valid solution with a heavy demand. We understand the value of time in YorTech and we know the power of automation. It is absolutely necessary to have time value to be successful in today’s business world

Our HQ in Windhoek, Namibia is a strategic plan to deliver stable and efficient service to our customers around the world.