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Web & Mobile Application

For a successful online business, you require a team to put up your online presence with the right tools because with the right team and the right tools, you get the right results

Design & Development

This phase of the blueprint will carry all the necessary structures required to welcome your customer to your website and drive them to the button to either make a purchase or send an enquiry. We have developed our unique design concept to ensure that your customer find what they are looking for soon as they get on your website and this would mean productivity for you through lead generation as well as increase of your clientele.

Ecommerce Websites

An eCommerce website is a site that sells products and services through means of the data transfer and funds over the internet.

Organizational Website

An organizational website should not be confused with a company or commercial website. … Usually, but not always, this type of website is for non-profit organizations that employ the site as a means of keeping its members up-to-date on activities and events

Commercial Website

website that generates revenue or cash flow of any type that isn’t under a non profit organizations filed with that state. … So if your selling a product, selling advertisement, selling a service, your site is commercial.

Portfolio Website

portfolio website is an essential tool to getting more business and building your professional brand. … The purpose of an online portfolio is to give a prospective client, like an art director, a sense of who you are, what you can do and whether you are the person they should hire to execute their projec

Idea & Blueprint

Businesses should be looking to making an impact on the web rather than just taking up space on the internet ecosystem. The truth is that every business has a story but the challenge is that not all businesses has the right packaging that tell their stories in the way it will get the attention of the customer. This is where we come in, we don’t just design and development your website, we help you create the strategy; “If you have got a story to tell then we can create a digital impact”

Hosting & Support

Building a beautiful and functional website is just the beginning; you have to consider hosting and many make the effort of hosting just about anywhere on the internet and that’s why they experience downtime and the sort but our dedicated support teams ensures that you are not only hosted on a secure server but you are also hosted on server that is always up and running. One of our guarantee is that your website will be up 100% of the time except when you want to perform maintenance to optimize the functionalities of your website.

Why Us

YorTech Solutions possesses over a decade of experience delivering to our customers different levels of designs and development. Every year, we take on new challenges to deliver useful and productive solutions to help their business thrive. Use the button below to tell us about your project.

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